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The school provides children with basic resources such as writing paper.  Parents are required to provide all pens, pencils and other items for personal use.  In order for your child to be able to be an active learner they need to have these items replaced as they run out. Please regularly check that your child has sufficient equipment to be involved in lessons on a daily basis.  Please be aware, as indicated on our ‘Contribution & Charges Schedule’ you may be requested to purchase workbooks or online subscriptions early in the year.

A service of filling booklist orders or basic requirements is done through the school by a commercial supplier. This is done in December of the preceding year. Parents, of course, can choose to purchase these items themselves.



We are implementing the West Australian Curriculum which prescribes Content and Achievement Standards.  We assess and report against these standards. 

 You can find more information in our Australind Primary School Business Plan which can be found on the ‘Skool Bag’ App or on the Education Department Website. or this website.


All children have access to the latest technology for learning.  We have a highly skilled technology teacher and classroom teachers who are using a range of devices daily for teaching and learning.

We have a bank of computers in our library as well as computers in each classroom.  Each block has a bank of iPads and other devices which are used on a daily basis by all Year levels.

The school has management processes and planning in place to ensure we are continually updating our technology and up skilling our teachers.


Classroom teachers provide a comprehensive and challenging program for all children in each class. The school provides numerous opportunities for talented children to be extended. Students who are identified in the very upper percentages of gifted and talented are able to access district based “Primary Extension and Challenge” (PEAC) programs in Years 4,5 & 6.


Teachers address the needs of all children.  Those who are either experiencing learning difficulties, or are excelling, are catered for through individual educational plans. The school has initiated a tracking system to ensure children who may be at risk will be closely monitored. These plans are established in conjunction with parents. If you have concerns in relation to your child, please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance.


We report to parents at the end of Terms 2 and 4 using the standardised reporting form used by all schools in the State.  We also host a parent night towards the end of Term 3.  Information on whole school outcomes is accessible online through the Education Department’s website at ‘Schools online’.


Classroom teachers will outline their expectations around homework at their class meeting at the beginning of the year.  In the early years, home reading is extremely important.  It allows children to build their vocabulary, confidence and knowledge.  It should always be a pleasurable experience, that you share with you child.  It is an opportunity to establish a lifelong love of reading.

Homework supports the development of your child’s independence as a learner.  Any homework given will take into account the needs and developmental level of your child.  At times it will serve to consolidate learning.  There may be occasions where your child may be asked to complete work not finished in class.  The exploration of new ideas or information is another purpose for homework.

If at anytime the homework your child has been given becomes onerous, please do not hesitate to speak with his/her teacher.


Class teachers may plan excursions throughout the year to enrich the education of children.  The maximum total cost for the year’s excursions are sent home to parents in the ‘Contributions and Charges Schedule’ which is sent home in December of previous year. Parents will be notified in writing prior to each excursion and payment and parent permission must be received prior to the event. Please note that children must wear correct school uniform to attend an excursion. It should not be expected that each class will have an excursion arranged; this is an additional aspect of the curriculum and is not compulsory.  You must notify the school at this time if medical details have changed.


In order to reduce travel and bus costs, incursions are arranged with a variety of performers and displays that enhance the school’s program. These opportunities may occur once per term. Details of costs, dates etc will be sent home prior to the event. It is anticipated all children will attend these events.


Swimming lessons are planned for all Pre Primary to Year 6 students at a designated time during the year.  Parents are required to cover the costs of pool entry and the bus. Complete details will be released closer to the date.  All payments and permission slips must be returned by the due date in order for your child to participate in this program.  Lessons are conducted by fully qualified Department of Education swimming instructors. All children are expected to participate.


Our specialist programs are Physical Education, Art, IT and LOTE is Japanese. The school will work with the Board and Staff to determine 2023 Specialist programs.


In Years 5 and 6 the opportunity exists for a small number of students to learn a brass instrument or the clarinet through the Department of Education’s ‘School Of Instrumental Music’.  If a child commences instrumental music in year 5 there is an expectation of commitment to continue this in year 6. Students are able to borrow their instruments from the Education Department for their first year of tuition. Children usually join the school band when they progress to high school.

It is not possible to offer instrumental music tuition to all children, and students must satisfy a selection process before being offered a place. This selection process occurs in the preceding year.





 2023 School Terms

 Term 1

 Wednesday 1st February-Thursday 6th April 

Term 2

Monday 24th April-Friday 30th June

Term 3

Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September

Term 4

Monday 9th October - Thursday 14th December







School Development Days 

 Term 2 - Monday 24th April 

Term 3 - Monday 17th July 

    Term 4 - Friday 27th October   








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Arrival:    8.30am onwards

School Starts:   8.40am

 Recess:   10.40am – 11.00am

 Lunch:     1.05pm – 1.45pm

 School Finishes: 2.50pm






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